Welcome! I am an artist & illustrator with more than 30 years' experience, primarily in the children's publishing field.

I specialize in poetic paintings of children, animals, and nature.

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A Portrait Workshop with David Kassan

I spent last week in a state of constant excitement while taking a 5 day portrait painting workshop with David...

Cover to The Rabbit Rescuers book

Recently published book: The Rabbit Rescuers

My first collaboration with a self-publishing author has culminated in a delightful book titled “The Rabbit Rescuers”. Author Cindy Howard...

Books illustrated by Eloise Wilkin

Beloved illustrator Eloise Wilkin lived in my town

Shortly after moving to Canandaigua, NY, I discovered that the charming stone house I pass on the way into town...

Snow Queen by Nancy Lane

Japanese Snow Queens and Demons

I’ve been illustrating some Japanese folk tales that are condensed to 7 pages for people who are learning to read...

Painting of young woman and black horse by Nancy Lane

Double Portrait: A Young Woman and Her Horse

I love getting commissions from people I know. I rarely turn one down, because I know I’ll have access to...

Painting of German Shepherd by Nancy Lane

A Portrait of Marky

I’m an avid dog lover, and I promote dog rescue and adoption, since so many great dogs are senselessly put...

Portrait of Dale by Nancy Lane

Charcoal drawing of Dale

My son Dale sat for a three hours while I drew him with charcoal. He was more challenging than most...

drawing of RAe by Nancy Lane

Portrait of Rae

In order to grow, an artist must continually challenge herself. Lately I’ve been interested in working directly from life, whether...

Landscape watercolor "Afterglow" by Nancy Lane

Get Wet & Wild in my Watercolor Workshop

This is your chance to experience watercolor painting risk-free, trying many different, fun techniques.  I’ll provide all the supplies, and...

Drawing of hand by Nancy Lane

Learn to Draw with me this summer

Beginning June 12th, I will teach “Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain” to any teen or adult who...

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