Completing a beach scene

With the hard part of this painting commission done –the foreground’s wet sand, reflections, and footprints– Beach3I could relax a little and add the children. It was important to capture their posture, gesture and hair carefully so that they looked like my friend’s children. The liberties I took were to make them holding hands, and give their skins a warmer color from the sunshine I had introduced to the scene.

I saturated the color a bit more in their clothing to make it more fun and less gray. Showing a bit more hair blowing added the feeling of sea breeze. Keeping the background light brought all the attention to their profiles, and their gaze out to sea.

Beachcombers painting by Nancy Lane


In the end, what surprised me was how the foreground footprints and blowing foam became so interesting–  how they added to the story a sense of time, a feeling of natural elements, despite being so inconsequential.

My friend Leah loved the painting. I promised her next time I would not make her wait a year! But it sure gave me a lot of time to think about it. Maybe in this case it was worth it.

The provided photo.

The provided photo.