Rabbit Research

I learned to draw as a child by drawing hundreds of horses over the course of about 7 years. That in turn led to other animals like cats, dogs, and elephants. But I drew very few rabbits– I rarely saw them and knew nobody who had one as a pet. So when I agreed to take on illustrating The Forgotten Rabbit by Nancy Furstinger, I knew I needed to do some serious rabbit research.

Fortunately my young friend Thea had 2  pet rabbits, Millie and Mitilda (sic). I checked their schedule (available) and soon found myself sitting on the floor at Thea’s house, trying to capture them in sketches while the bunnies hopped around. My, they move quickly. Thea shared a picture of a rabbit’s mouth as it yawned and suggested I sketch that as well.

Thea also posed for several scenes in the story. Here is a shot I took for the last page of The Forgotten Rabbit that I just love.

Thea and M

Thea and Millie

Rabbit sketches by Nancy Lane

First rabbit sketches

Rabbit drawing by Nancy Lane

Round Rabbit!

Rbbit sketches by Nancy Lane

Live rabbit sketches

Rabbit sketches by Nancy Lane

Live rabbit studies