Rabbit Redux

Rabbit, by Nancy Lane, age 6

I don’t remember drawing rabbits often as a child. But I ran across one that reminds me of Bella in my recently published picture book, The Forgotten Rabbit. I was six when I drew this. I like how I boldly filled the page and signed my full name. I sense this is a curious, alert, even hopeful rabbit.


And below is the climactic scene from The Forgotten Rabbit… now there is a rabbit who has come into her own!


From The Forgotten Rabbit, illustrated by Nancy Lane

“Rosalita said I was a natural. I jumped far and high. I jumped for joy.”

Obviously my drawing skills have had some time to improve. But that’s what they are– skills– that I believe anyone can learn if they are willing to put in the time. Like playing a sport or learning an instrument, it takes dedication and effort. It means failures and false starts. It means being brave enough to try new things even if they don’t work out.

Mostly, though, learning to draw brings joy.