Teaching (and laughing) about drawing animals

I taught an 8-week class in drawing animals this spring.

Nancy Lane and student in drawing class

Discussing a reference photo with student Nancy Yacci.

Some of the topics I covered were anatomy, proportion, gesture, expression in the eyes, fur texture, and environment. More general drawing concepts like choosing the right pencil, beginning the sketch, composition and shading were also taught. My adult students developed a nice camaraderie which led to many fun, creative times.

Some of the students had not drawn since high school. They left surprised and pleased with what they had created. It was thrilling for me to see them progress so quickly!

All photos courtesy of Glenn Miller, photographer extraordinaire.

Nancy lane teaches about horse anatomy.

Comparing mammal anatomy to humans.

Nancy Lane teaches about drawing animal eyes

The eye lesson.

Cat drawing

Glenn focused on fur and eyes.

Wolf drawing

Cathy had not drawn since high school.

Nancy drawing bear

Nancy was a beginner as well. Here she develops shading on sunlit fur.

Carol draws a horse

Carol challenged herself by drawing large horses.

Nancy Lane teaching

It’s important to squint to see how to draw. Laughter also helps!