Portrait of Rae

In order to grow, an artist must continually challenge herself. Lately I’ve been interested in working directly from life, whether it’s painting a landscape outdoors, or drawing from a live model. Perhaps it’s because as an illustrator, I usually work from my photos or other reference, in order to meet deadlines. So, with this challenge in mind, I have begun to work on realistic portraits of people, drawn from life, in one afternoon. Here’s a portrait of my daughter Rae, drawn with a variety of soft B pencils on Strathmore paper. I spent about 3 hours total on this. I know her face well, so it was not as challenging as the next two portraits I’ll be posting. I had a few technical difficulties here, in that the graphite did not want to work into the paper very well. But generally, I am happy with the outcome of this portrait.

drawing of RAe by Nancy Lane

Graphite drawing of Rae.

model for Nancy Lane

Rae, modelling for me