A Portrait of Marky

I’m an avid dog lover, and I promote dog rescue and adoption, since so many great dogs are senselessly put down in this country. One way I try to help is by raffling off a custom portrait amongst the adopters of Big Dogs, Big Hearts, a wonderful organization that has saved the lives of hundreds of abandoned dogs in the eastern United States (mine included!). The proceeds go toward medical expenses they incur while rehabilitating abandoned dogs.

This year’s winner was Brenda Tholin, owner of Marky. She lived far away so I depended on the photos she sent to create his portrait. This portrait is 8 x 10″, oil on panel. His slightly floppy left ear and dark, expressive face were so engaging. Thank you, Brenda, for giving a lifelong home to this wise and wonderful dog.Painting of German Shepherd by Nancy Lane