Japanese Snow Queens and Demons

I’ve been illustrating some Japanese folk tales that are condensed to 7 pages for people who are learning to read in Japanese. I’ve enjoyed learning about the Japanese culture while researching clothing, food and architecture. Some of the fantasy characters however, such as Snow Queens and Demons, I can let my imagination run with a bit. As far as the execution goes, these are pretty simple illustrations– but for me the mood is important, so I ask my Japanese translator to explain the character’s feelings for each scene. Then I try to keep that feeling in the sketch all the way through the final illustration.

Snow Queen by Nancy Lane

This Snow Queen is about to kidnap this little boy and fly away with him through the sky in her sleigh. Yikes!

Sketch of demons by Nancy Lane

Here’s a sketch that I’ll be finishing next week. The old man has just opened his door to bad Luck Demons who will commence to party with him. There is a happy ending to this tale!

Carpenter and Demon by Nancy Lane

From a story about a carpenter and a demon. Here they are haggling over the building of a bridge. This demon seems to have reappeared in my recent sketch above!