Recently published book: The Rabbit Rescuers

Cover to The Rabbit Rescuers bookMy first collaboration with a self-publishing author has culminated in a delightful book titled “The Rabbit Rescuers”. Author Cindy Howard of British Columbia is a school teacher as well as avid rabbit rescuer and advocate. In her story, children take it upon themselves to rescue pet rabbits who have been abandoned in a nearby park. It perfectly describes the hardships rabbits face once they have been abandoned in the wild. She hopes to educate children about responsible pet ownership, as well as encourage them to think of ways they can help other abandoned animals in their community.

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Currently the book is only available for purchase in Canada.

Here are a few samples of the interior illustrations:

Interior illustration in The Rabbit Rescuers

Illustration in The Rabbit REscuers

Illustration of rabbit characters in The Rabbit Rescuers