A Portrait Workshop with David Kassan

I spent last week in a state of constant excitement while taking a 5 day portrait painting workshop with David Jon Kassan. We spent a total of 15 hours painting from a live model: getting the drawing and values right, mixing oil paint to match the value and chroma, seeing more and more nuanced color in the light and the shadow. Although I’m a professional artist and teacher, I still love being a student and challenging myself to become better. Thank you David for  sharing your technique, your philosophy about being a painter and your gentle, positive criticism of our work. Thank you Monique for your excellent modelling. And thanks to my artist friends at The Rochester Art Club who are supportive and a pleasure to learn and paint with!

portrait of Monique by nancy lane Monique-faceThis is as far as I got with the portrait. In the closeups of the lit face, you can see the “hatching” technique we learned to lay color over color for a vibration effect that is more life-like than flat color.

closeup of portrait by Nancy Lanecloseup or portrait by Nancy Lane