Down & dirty research

I’ve been engrossed all summer in a large illustration project for a major educational client. It’s an overhaul of story art for children learning to read at the K-2 levels, and so far I’ve finished 105 illustrations–with more to go!

Nancy Lane draws a pig.

In the pig pen, sketching a napping piglet.

It’s fun for me because they feature farm animals. I’m lucky to live in the lovely farmland of New York’s Finger Lakes, with access to friends with animals. What fun I had getting  down and dirty with these pushy little piglets and my sketchbook. They would jump into their muddy bath and then try to dry off on me. The sketches came in handy the following week when I had to draw pigs for my client… although the flying pig took a bit of imagination!

Nancy Lane's sketch of sleepy piglet.

The sleepy piglet sketch.

Nancy Lane's sketch of piglet.

Peeing piglet sketch. (That’s why he was standing so still!)

Nancy Lane sketch

The following sketches for my client illustrate an unfortunate encounter…

Nancy Lane's sketch of flying pig

…what happened next…

Nancy Lane's sketch of pig.

……and the end result.