A painting of a mustang herd running in the mountains

Could I recreate this? –Painting what I know, more than what I see

My recent painting commission of a mustang herd has a sweet backstory. Several months ago I received a note in the (snail)mail with a photocopy of an old painting. She asked, Could I duplicate this painting that she had loved from her childhood?  (–Her “greedy” brother had taken it after her parents passed away.) I
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Article in magazine about Nancy Lane July 2016

Article about my artistic career

A feature article about my artistic career as an illustrator and fine artist appears in the July/August 2016 issue of “Life In the Finger Lakes: a Magazine for People who love New York State’s Wine Region”. The author, Nancy McCarthy, did a fine job of encapsulating my entire career in the story! I love living
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oil portrait painting of young man with beard

Portrait painting of a young man

I began this portrait painting of my nephew David last year. During two sessions, he posed for 7 hours for a group of portrait painters I belong to called The Rochester Art Club. We gather every Thursday afternoon in a studio on the fourth floor of the Hungerford Building, an old converted factory in Rochester,
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Nancy Lane teaches drawing

Teaching kids in “Winter Art Lab”

Last week I had the pleasure to teach a four-day “Art Lab” during winter break. It was sponsored by Geneva Reads, the community’s literacy coalition. Each session focused on a book paired with an artistic technique. Afterward, the children were able to take home their new books as well as the art supplies we used
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Painting by Nancy Lane

Watercolor of a young girl

My friend Thea, age 12 when she modeled for this portrait, is always a delight for me to paint. She lives on a farm full of animals, so when I visit we spend time with  them. As a result, I have several paintings in progress of her and her animal friends. It’s a natural extension
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Down & dirty research

I’ve been engrossed all summer in a large illustration project for a major educational client. It’s an overhaul of story art for children learning to read at the K-2 levels, and so far I’ve finished 105 illustrations–with more to go! It’s fun for me because they feature farm animals. I’m lucky to live in the
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A Portrait Workshop with David Kassan

I spent last week in a state of constant excitement while taking a 5 day portrait painting workshop with David Jon Kassan. We spent a total of 15 hours painting from a live model: getting the drawing and values right, mixing oil paint to match the value and chroma, seeing more and more nuanced color
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Cover to The Rabbit Rescuers book

Recently published book: The Rabbit Rescuers

My first collaboration with a self-publishing author has culminated in a delightful book titled “The Rabbit Rescuers”. Author Cindy Howard of British Columbia is a school teacher as well as avid rabbit rescuer and advocate. In her story, children take it upon themselves to rescue pet rabbits who have been abandoned in a nearby park.
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Books illustrated by Eloise Wilkin

Beloved illustrator Eloise Wilkin lived in my town

Shortly after moving to Canandaigua, NY, I discovered that the charming stone house I pass on the way into town had been the home of Eloise Wilkin, one of my favorite illustrators. I was absolutely thrilled! It felt like a good omen for my art career. It was in this idyllic setting that she raised
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Snow Queen by Nancy Lane

Japanese Snow Queens and Demons

I’ve been illustrating some Japanese folk tales that are condensed to 7 pages for people who are learning to read in Japanese. I’ve enjoyed learning about the Japanese culture while researching clothing, food and architecture. Some of the fantasy characters however, such as Snow Queens and Demons, I can let my imagination run with a
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