Rabbit drawing by Nancy Lane

Rabbit Research

I learned to draw as a child by drawing hundreds of horses over the course of about 7 years. That in turn led to other animals like cats, dogs, and elephants. But I drew very few rabbits– I rarely saw them and knew nobody who had one as a pet. So when I agreed to
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Nancy Lane with The Forgotten Rabbit

Latest picture book released: The Forgotten Rabbit (just in time for Easter!)

This is my fourth illustrated book for The Gryphon Press. This wonderful small publisher calls itself “a voice for the voiceless” in its efforts to educate people about animal welfare issues. The author, Nancy Furstinger, hopes her story will give parents and children pause when tempted to buy an adorable baby Easter bunny. They are
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Beachcombers painting by Nancy Lane

Completing a beach scene

With the hard part of this painting commission done –the foreground’s wet sand, reflections, and footprints– I could relax a little and add the children. It was important to capture their posture, gesture and hair carefully so that they looked like my friend’s children. The liberties I took were to make them holding hands, and
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Painting from the top down

When I finally got the nerve up to begin this painting, I began with the sky. That’s typical when working in most mediums; for the simple reason that you’re not as likely to put your hand in the wet paint as it dries!  A bonus in this case was that the sky seemed the easy
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Beachcombers: The start of a watercolor commission

I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me almost a year to get the nerve up to tackle this painting. My dear friend Leah had made it clear she was in no rush for it, that it could wait as long as needed until I had time. She had an old photograph of her children
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